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.. _chapter-users:
* At `Google <>`_, Ceres is used to:
* Estimate the pose of `Street View`_ cars, aircrafts, and satellites.
* Build 3D models for `PhotoTours`_.
* Estimate satellite image sensor characteristics.
* Stitch `panoramas`_ on Android and iOS.
* Apply `Lens Blur`_ on Android.
* Solve `bundle adjustment`_ and `SLAM`_ problems in `Project
* `Willow Garage`_ uses Ceres to solve `SLAM`_ problems.
* `Southwest Research Insitute <>`_ uses Ceres for
`calibrating robot-camera systems`_.
* `Blender <>`_ uses Ceres for `planar
tracking`_ and `bundle adjustment`_.
* `OpenMVG <>`_ an open source
multi-view geometry library uses Ceres for `bundle adjustment`_.
* `Microsoft Research <>`_ uses
Ceres for nonlinear optimization of objectives involving subdivision
surfaces under `skinned control meshes`_
* `Matterport <>`_, uses Ceres for global
alignment of 3D point clouds and for pose graph optimization.
.. _bundle adjustment:
.. _Street View:
.. _PhotoTours:
.. _panoramas:
.. _Project Tango:
.. _planar tracking:
.. _Willow Garage:
.. _Lens Blur:
.. _SLAM:
.. _calibrating robot-camera systems:
.. _skinned control meshes:
Ceres Solver is used (and cited) in the following publications:
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Sequences**, J. Taylor, R. Stebbing, V. Ramakrishna, C. Keskin, J. Shotton, S. Izadi, A. Hertzmann,
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#. **Global Fusion of Relative Motions for Robust, Accurate and
Scalable Structure from Motion**, P. Moulon, P. Monasse
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#. **Visibility based preconditioning for bundle adjustment**, A. Kushal and S. Agarwal, CVPR 2012.