BlockRandomAccessMatrix Refactor

1. Add threading to all three subclasses of BlockRandomAccessMatrix.
   i.e. BlockRandomAccessDenseMatrix, BlockRandomAccessSparseMatrix
   and BlockRandomAccessDenseMatrix.

   For BlockRandomAccessDenseMatrix and BlockRandomAccessSparseMatrix
   this just means SetZero is parallelized. Which by itself is no
   big deal, but by doing so, the constructor for all three subclasses
   become uniform.

   maybe threaded in the future if needed.

   BlockRandomAccessDiagonalMatrix is the biggest beneficiary. SetZero
   Invert and RightMultiplyAndAccumulate are all threaded now.

2. Change the storage in BlockRandomAccessDiagonalMatrix from
   TripletSparseMatrix to CompressedRowSparseMatrix. This has no
   performance implications since we do not really use the capabilities
   of the underlying matrix indexing representation. This is a forward
   looking change when we decide to transfer this matrix to the GPU,
   a CompressedRowSparseMatrix will save on a data conversion.

3. Use std::unique_ptr as needed and eliminate the need for custom

4. Modify CompressedRowSparseMatrix::CreateBlockDiagonalMatrix to
   take a nullptr as the data vector.


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