Use glfags target

Update the usage of Google Flags (gflags) library the same way Glog
updated it [1]. This pushes the minimum required gflags version to

Remove the ceres specific define of CERES_GFLAGS_NAMESPACE and directly
use GFLAGS_NAMESPACE defined in gflags/gflags_declare.h [2].

In CeresConfig.cmake the hard coded paths for gflags are ommited.
Instead we rely on the gflagsConfig file to get closer to a relocatable
Furthermore use the find_dependency() [4] cmake function specifically
created for cmake-config files.

This change builds upon the explicit PUBLIC/PRIVATE link change [3].


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Build Status

Ceres Solver

Ceres Solver is an open source C++ library for modeling and solving large, complicated optimization problems. It is a feature rich, mature and performant library which has been used in production at Google since 2010. Ceres Solver can solve two kinds of problems.

  1. Non-linear Least Squares problems with bounds constraints.
  2. General unconstrained optimization problems.

Please see for more information.