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Dataset Name: Bennett5 (Bennett5.dat)
File Format: ASCII
Starting Values (lines 41 to 43)
Certified Values (lines 41 to 48)
Data (lines 61 to 214)
Procedure: Nonlinear Least Squares Regression
Description: These data are the result of a NIST study involving
superconductivity magnetization modeling. The
response variable is magnetism, and the predictor
variable is the log of time in minutes.
Reference: Bennett, L., L. Swartzendruber, and H. Brown,
NIST (1994).
Superconductivity Magnetization Modeling.
Data: 1 Response Variable (y = magnetism)
1 Predictor Variable (x = log[time])
154 Observations
Higher Level of Difficulty
Observed Data
Model: Miscellaneous Class
3 Parameters (b1 to b3)
y = b1 * (b2+x)**(-1/b3) + e
Starting values Certified Values
Start 1 Start 2 Parameter Standard Deviation
b1 = -2000 -1500 -2.5235058043E+03 2.9715175411E+02
b2 = 50 45 4.6736564644E+01 1.2448871856E+00
b3 = 0.8 0.85 9.3218483193E-01 2.0272299378E-02
Residual Sum of Squares: 5.2404744073E-04
Residual Standard Deviation: 1.8629312528E-03
Degrees of Freedom: 151
Number of Observations: 154
Data: y x
-34.834702E0 7.447168E0
-34.393200E0 8.102586E0
-34.152901E0 8.452547E0
-33.979099E0 8.711278E0
-33.845901E0 8.916774E0
-33.732899E0 9.087155E0
-33.640301E0 9.232590E0
-33.559200E0 9.359535E0
-33.486801E0 9.472166E0
-33.423100E0 9.573384E0
-33.365101E0 9.665293E0
-33.313000E0 9.749461E0
-33.260899E0 9.827092E0
-33.217400E0 9.899128E0
-33.176899E0 9.966321E0
-33.139198E0 10.029280E0
-33.101601E0 10.088510E0
-33.066799E0 10.144430E0
-33.035000E0 10.197380E0
-33.003101E0 10.247670E0
-32.971298E0 10.295560E0
-32.942299E0 10.341250E0
-32.916302E0 10.384950E0
-32.890202E0 10.426820E0
-32.864101E0 10.467000E0
-32.841000E0 10.505640E0
-32.817799E0 10.542830E0
-32.797501E0 10.578690E0
-32.774300E0 10.613310E0
-32.757000E0 10.646780E0
-32.733799E0 10.679150E0
-32.716400E0 10.710520E0
-32.699100E0 10.740920E0
-32.678799E0 10.770440E0
-32.661400E0 10.799100E0
-32.644001E0 10.826970E0
-32.626701E0 10.854080E0
-32.612202E0 10.880470E0
-32.597698E0 10.906190E0
-32.583199E0 10.931260E0
-32.568699E0 10.955720E0
-32.554298E0 10.979590E0
-32.539799E0 11.002910E0
-32.525299E0 11.025700E0
-32.510799E0 11.047980E0
-32.499199E0 11.069770E0
-32.487598E0 11.091100E0
-32.473202E0 11.111980E0
-32.461601E0 11.132440E0
-32.435501E0 11.152480E0
-32.435501E0 11.172130E0
-32.426800E0 11.191410E0
-32.412300E0 11.210310E0
-32.400799E0 11.228870E0
-32.392101E0 11.247090E0
-32.380501E0 11.264980E0
-32.366001E0 11.282560E0
-32.357300E0 11.299840E0
-32.348598E0 11.316820E0
-32.339901E0 11.333520E0
-32.328400E0 11.349940E0
-32.319698E0 11.366100E0
-32.311001E0 11.382000E0
-32.299400E0 11.397660E0
-32.290699E0 11.413070E0
-32.282001E0 11.428240E0
-32.273300E0 11.443200E0
-32.264599E0 11.457930E0
-32.256001E0 11.472440E0
-32.247299E0 11.486750E0
-32.238602E0 11.500860E0
-32.229900E0 11.514770E0
-32.224098E0 11.528490E0
-32.215401E0 11.542020E0
-32.203800E0 11.555380E0
-32.198002E0 11.568550E0
-32.189400E0 11.581560E0
-32.183601E0 11.594420E0
-32.174900E0 11.607121E0
-32.169102E0 11.619640E0
-32.163300E0 11.632000E0
-32.154598E0 11.644210E0
-32.145901E0 11.656280E0
-32.140099E0 11.668200E0
-32.131401E0 11.679980E0
-32.125599E0 11.691620E0
-32.119801E0 11.703130E0
-32.111198E0 11.714510E0
-32.105400E0 11.725760E0
-32.096699E0 11.736880E0
-32.090900E0 11.747890E0
-32.088001E0 11.758780E0
-32.079300E0 11.769550E0
-32.073502E0 11.780200E0
-32.067699E0 11.790730E0
-32.061901E0 11.801160E0
-32.056099E0 11.811480E0
-32.050301E0 11.821700E0
-32.044498E0 11.831810E0
-32.038799E0 11.841820E0
-32.033001E0 11.851730E0
-32.027199E0 11.861550E0
-32.024300E0 11.871270E0
-32.018501E0 11.880890E0
-32.012699E0 11.890420E0
-32.004002E0 11.899870E0
-32.001099E0 11.909220E0
-31.995300E0 11.918490E0
-31.989500E0 11.927680E0
-31.983700E0 11.936780E0
-31.977900E0 11.945790E0
-31.972099E0 11.954730E0
-31.969299E0 11.963590E0
-31.963501E0 11.972370E0
-31.957701E0 11.981070E0
-31.951900E0 11.989700E0
-31.946100E0 11.998260E0
-31.940300E0 12.006740E0
-31.937401E0 12.015150E0
-31.931601E0 12.023490E0
-31.925800E0 12.031760E0
-31.922899E0 12.039970E0
-31.917101E0 12.048100E0
-31.911301E0 12.056170E0
-31.908400E0 12.064180E0
-31.902599E0 12.072120E0
-31.896900E0 12.080010E0
-31.893999E0 12.087820E0
-31.888201E0 12.095580E0
-31.885300E0 12.103280E0
-31.882401E0 12.110920E0
-31.876600E0 12.118500E0
-31.873699E0 12.126030E0
-31.867901E0 12.133500E0
-31.862101E0 12.140910E0
-31.859200E0 12.148270E0
-31.856300E0 12.155570E0
-31.850500E0 12.162830E0
-31.844700E0 12.170030E0
-31.841801E0 12.177170E0
-31.838900E0 12.184270E0
-31.833099E0 12.191320E0
-31.830200E0 12.198320E0
-31.827299E0 12.205270E0
-31.821600E0 12.212170E0
-31.818701E0 12.219030E0
-31.812901E0 12.225840E0
-31.809999E0 12.232600E0
-31.807100E0 12.239320E0
-31.801300E0 12.245990E0
-31.798401E0 12.252620E0
-31.795500E0 12.259200E0
-31.789700E0 12.265750E0
-31.786800E0 12.272240E0