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Dataset Name: Chwirut1 (Chwirut1.dat)
File Format: ASCII
Starting Values (lines 41 to 43)
Certified Values (lines 41 to 48)
Data (lines 61 to 274)
Procedure: Nonlinear Least Squares Regression
Description: These data are the result of a NIST study involving
ultrasonic calibration. The response variable is
ultrasonic response, and the predictor variable is
metal distance.
Reference: Chwirut, D., NIST (197?).
Ultrasonic Reference Block Study.
Data: 1 Response Variable (y = ultrasonic response)
1 Predictor Variable (x = metal distance)
214 Observations
Lower Level of Difficulty
Observed Data
Model: Exponential Class
3 Parameters (b1 to b3)
y = exp[-b1*x]/(b2+b3*x) + e
Starting values Certified Values
Start 1 Start 2 Parameter Standard Deviation
b1 = 0.1 0.15 1.9027818370E-01 2.1938557035E-02
b2 = 0.01 0.008 6.1314004477E-03 3.4500025051E-04
b3 = 0.02 0.010 1.0530908399E-02 7.9281847748E-04
Residual Sum of Squares: 2.3844771393E+03
Residual Standard Deviation: 3.3616721320E+00
Degrees of Freedom: 211
Number of Observations: 214
Data: y x
92.9000E0 0.5000E0
78.7000E0 0.6250E0
64.2000E0 0.7500E0
64.9000E0 0.8750E0
57.1000E0 1.0000E0
43.3000E0 1.2500E0
31.1000E0 1.7500E0
23.6000E0 2.2500E0
31.0500E0 1.7500E0
23.7750E0 2.2500E0
17.7375E0 2.7500E0
13.8000E0 3.2500E0
11.5875E0 3.7500E0
9.4125E0 4.2500E0
7.7250E0 4.7500E0
7.3500E0 5.2500E0
8.0250E0 5.7500E0
90.6000E0 0.5000E0
76.9000E0 0.6250E0
71.6000E0 0.7500E0
63.6000E0 0.8750E0
54.0000E0 1.0000E0
39.2000E0 1.2500E0
29.3000E0 1.7500E0
21.4000E0 2.2500E0
29.1750E0 1.7500E0
22.1250E0 2.2500E0
17.5125E0 2.7500E0
14.2500E0 3.2500E0
9.4500E0 3.7500E0
9.1500E0 4.2500E0
7.9125E0 4.7500E0
8.4750E0 5.2500E0
6.1125E0 5.7500E0
80.0000E0 0.5000E0
79.0000E0 0.6250E0
63.8000E0 0.7500E0
57.2000E0 0.8750E0
53.2000E0 1.0000E0
42.5000E0 1.2500E0
26.8000E0 1.7500E0
20.4000E0 2.2500E0
26.8500E0 1.7500E0
21.0000E0 2.2500E0
16.4625E0 2.7500E0
12.5250E0 3.2500E0
10.5375E0 3.7500E0
8.5875E0 4.2500E0
7.1250E0 4.7500E0
6.1125E0 5.2500E0
5.9625E0 5.7500E0
74.1000E0 0.5000E0
67.3000E0 0.6250E0
60.8000E0 0.7500E0
55.5000E0 0.8750E0
50.3000E0 1.0000E0
41.0000E0 1.2500E0
29.4000E0 1.7500E0
20.4000E0 2.2500E0
29.3625E0 1.7500E0
21.1500E0 2.2500E0
16.7625E0 2.7500E0
13.2000E0 3.2500E0
10.8750E0 3.7500E0
8.1750E0 4.2500E0
7.3500E0 4.7500E0
5.9625E0 5.2500E0
5.6250E0 5.7500E0
81.5000E0 .5000E0
62.4000E0 .7500E0
32.5000E0 1.5000E0
12.4100E0 3.0000E0
13.1200E0 3.0000E0
15.5600E0 3.0000E0
5.6300E0 6.0000E0
78.0000E0 .5000E0
59.9000E0 .7500E0
33.2000E0 1.5000E0
13.8400E0 3.0000E0
12.7500E0 3.0000E0
14.6200E0 3.0000E0
3.9400E0 6.0000E0
76.8000E0 .5000E0
61.0000E0 .7500E0
32.9000E0 1.5000E0
13.8700E0 3.0000E0
11.8100E0 3.0000E0
13.3100E0 3.0000E0
5.4400E0 6.0000E0
78.0000E0 .5000E0
63.5000E0 .7500E0
33.8000E0 1.5000E0
12.5600E0 3.0000E0
5.6300E0 6.0000E0
12.7500E0 3.0000E0
13.1200E0 3.0000E0
5.4400E0 6.0000E0
76.8000E0 .5000E0
60.0000E0 .7500E0
47.8000E0 1.0000E0
32.0000E0 1.5000E0
22.2000E0 2.0000E0
22.5700E0 2.0000E0
18.8200E0 2.5000E0
13.9500E0 3.0000E0
11.2500E0 4.0000E0
9.0000E0 5.0000E0
6.6700E0 6.0000E0
75.8000E0 .5000E0
62.0000E0 .7500E0
48.8000E0 1.0000E0
35.2000E0 1.5000E0
20.0000E0 2.0000E0
20.3200E0 2.0000E0
19.3100E0 2.5000E0
12.7500E0 3.0000E0
10.4200E0 4.0000E0
7.3100E0 5.0000E0
7.4200E0 6.0000E0
70.5000E0 .5000E0
59.5000E0 .7500E0
48.5000E0 1.0000E0
35.8000E0 1.5000E0
21.0000E0 2.0000E0
21.6700E0 2.0000E0
21.0000E0 2.5000E0
15.6400E0 3.0000E0
8.1700E0 4.0000E0
8.5500E0 5.0000E0
10.1200E0 6.0000E0
78.0000E0 .5000E0
66.0000E0 .6250E0
62.0000E0 .7500E0
58.0000E0 .8750E0
47.7000E0 1.0000E0
37.8000E0 1.2500E0
20.2000E0 2.2500E0
21.0700E0 2.2500E0
13.8700E0 2.7500E0
9.6700E0 3.2500E0
7.7600E0 3.7500E0
5.4400E0 4.2500E0
4.8700E0 4.7500E0
4.0100E0 5.2500E0
3.7500E0 5.7500E0
24.1900E0 3.0000E0
25.7600E0 3.0000E0
18.0700E0 3.0000E0
11.8100E0 3.0000E0
12.0700E0 3.0000E0
16.1200E0 3.0000E0
70.8000E0 .5000E0
54.7000E0 .7500E0
48.0000E0 1.0000E0
39.8000E0 1.5000E0
29.8000E0 2.0000E0
23.7000E0 2.5000E0
29.6200E0 2.0000E0
23.8100E0 2.5000E0
17.7000E0 3.0000E0
11.5500E0 4.0000E0
12.0700E0 5.0000E0
8.7400E0 6.0000E0
80.7000E0 .5000E0
61.3000E0 .7500E0
47.5000E0 1.0000E0
29.0000E0 1.5000E0
24.0000E0 2.0000E0
17.7000E0 2.5000E0
24.5600E0 2.0000E0
18.6700E0 2.5000E0
16.2400E0 3.0000E0
8.7400E0 4.0000E0
7.8700E0 5.0000E0
8.5100E0 6.0000E0
66.7000E0 .5000E0
59.2000E0 .7500E0
40.8000E0 1.0000E0
30.7000E0 1.5000E0
25.7000E0 2.0000E0
16.3000E0 2.5000E0
25.9900E0 2.0000E0
16.9500E0 2.5000E0
13.3500E0 3.0000E0
8.6200E0 4.0000E0
7.2000E0 5.0000E0
6.6400E0 6.0000E0
13.6900E0 3.0000E0
81.0000E0 .5000E0
64.5000E0 .7500E0
35.5000E0 1.5000E0
13.3100E0 3.0000E0
4.8700E0 6.0000E0
12.9400E0 3.0000E0
5.0600E0 6.0000E0
15.1900E0 3.0000E0
14.6200E0 3.0000E0
15.6400E0 3.0000E0
25.5000E0 1.7500E0
25.9500E0 1.7500E0
81.7000E0 .5000E0
61.6000E0 .7500E0
29.8000E0 1.7500E0
29.8100E0 1.7500E0
17.1700E0 2.7500E0
10.3900E0 3.7500E0
28.4000E0 1.7500E0
28.6900E0 1.7500E0
81.3000E0 .5000E0
60.9000E0 .7500E0
16.6500E0 2.7500E0
10.0500E0 3.7500E0
28.9000E0 1.7500E0
28.9500E0 1.7500E0