Fix Jet lerp test regression

Partially revert changes from 1d5aff059cc2f95f6a1d3a42e2b41736fb386f81
to those in 8426526dff146a141c59eb581689ee249e146209.

Fixes #775

Change-Id: I6b2f481521f15bf09c039283e79f9ee13664f987
1 file changed
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Ceres Solver

Ceres Solver is an open source C++ library for modeling and solving large, complicated optimization problems. It is a feature rich, mature and performant library which has been used in production at Google since 2010. Ceres Solver can solve two kinds of problems.

  1. Non-linear Least Squares problems with bounds constraints.
  2. General unconstrained optimization problems.

Please see for more information.